“In my daily life I want to stand and say, I have done my part for humanity”. Justice Sambo, unofficially goes by the name Terrence, is a down to earth and humble person. At age 17, after having attended the California Global Youth Peace Summit, He vowed to be a peace leader in his community and the world at large. 3 years later, He is involved in the Africa Dreamteam of 3 young African youths who will be taking over the Africa Global Youth Peace Summit from the Amala Foundation.

The Summit is a place for healing, a place for authenticity, a place for learning, and most importantly, the summit is a place for connection and inspiration. In a conversation with his friend, the issue of exactly what is it that Justice does came up. The friend said that he can’t really explain what Justice does, and Justice told him that he also can’t explain it himself. He has embarked on a journey of not knowing where he is going, not knowing where he wants to be, but his passion is in the lead, with God helping him each journey.

He co-founded African Dream Movement alongside Naomi Mwangi and Aline Berabose, and currently working to create the change he desires for the world.

He believes in the beauty of life and believe that life has a lot of lessons for each and every thing that happens in our lives, whether it is bad or good. He has walked all sorts of journeys and learned from each, it is now time for him to serve the world and let the journeys he has walked speak for themselves.