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21 May 2018
By: Mabokela Phenyo

My heart needs you desperately,
My soul seeks you endlessly,
Yet my body refuses to drop to its knees.

Spirit lifted, Joy driven,
Tears wiped away by your hand on me.
Heavy rains I only know the sound of,
Storms I never have to fear and lightning I only see
Because your hand is constantly over me

The sea’s depth is immeasurable
and your love goes deeper than it,
so let me sink to its bottom and leave my worries by the beach_
Though the pressure may burst my eardrums I would still be glad coz your voice would be the last thing I’d ever hear.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with you_
But even that can never be enough_
“Obsession” would still be understating the affection you have for me

…you had my life in your hands and stilly chose not to end it.

I don’t wanna lie coz if I were in your shoes I would have discarded “me”,
I would’ve inflicted so much pain on “me” that “me” would have no choice but to worship you.
I would’ve ruled with an iron fist until every bit of metal in it was covered in rust_
Then I’d switch to the other hand

I fail to comprehend how you could
– after doing so much for humanity –
still allow us to make up our mind on whether we want to follow you or not.
I am amazed by the senseless, irrational, incomprehensible, illogical love that you show me day to day and night through night
Jesus Christ
Sometimes I wonder why you let me live.

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