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I have noted that every time I get introduced, everyone erases all the years I went through depression, they erase all the years of failure in my life. The world needs to hear about how I am not immune failure. This gets people rather thinking that life is an easy road. Making other people feel like they don’t have the abilities and potential to achieve anything.

Over the years, I have learned to be grateful for the times in my life when things were not going according how I wanted them to be- this made me realize that to be in control is not what I really wanted. All I really wanted in life was to be happy and be grateful for each day.

If everyone erases all those years in my life that I am actually mostly grateful for, then they remove the essence of who I am, and ultimately, what made me who I am. All those days I cried myself to bed. All those days I prayed for better days. If I were to forget them now- I wouldn’t be as grateful as I am right now to my higher power, God. Whoever you are reading this, I kindly ask that you please not erase some of my darkest moments in my being.