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As 2016 comes to an end, there is a lot it has taught us. 2016 to me was mostly about academic work. Doing my third year of Accounting Science at Wits University, this was the toughest year of my life. Above everything, here are my top 5 lessons of 2016:


  • Persevere 

Every student can agree that University life is not as nice as it is perceived, in fact, it can be one of the hardest things you ever do in your life. Following your dreams is not an easy thing to do. Yeah yeah, we all know about the importance of patience, until we are actually in the moment. In theory, telling someone to persevere is an easy thing, but in practice, it is hard. I have goals which I want to achieve, but I had to learn to wait and focus on school for a while. I don’t encourage anyone to do this, but I had to put my life at hold and be patient.


  • Pain is temporary

We go through pain in our journey. My greatest lesson about pain was to learn to develop the winning mindset. I had to change my mindset from praising the pain to using the pain as an opportunity. Everything that happens to us is for a reason and is essential in building us, whether they are bad things or good things. Pain is only in the current and should never determine our tomorrow.


  • Importance of consistency

In order to make it, we have to work consistently. We need to work even when things are not going our way, we keep on working and pushing. There are days when I just wasn’t feeling like studying at all, there are days when things were just going south and I felt like I am working but the efforts I put into my studies does not show in the results. I had to push myself and work even when I wasn’t feeling it.


  • Importance of doing

Most of us have goals and dreams, it’s easier to dream, but it gets hard to actually ensure we realise those dreams. The sad misconception which most people have is that dreams are for those who sleep. This is not true. It is by Godly design that we dream in the night, I say this because I strongly believe that the day is to work towards achieving them. Here’s some food for thought…Haven’t you wondered why we dream for such a short period but are awake for long? This goes to show that more time is needed to realise the dream than to actually have it.

Wake up every morning and work towards the dream.


  • Working on myself

Most of the time we are envious of other people’s glory and seek to be like them. This is ordinary-  after all we do see others more than we see ourselves- but it takes a few good looks at one’s self to be extraordinary. Looking at the achievement of others is easier than working for our own because we just sit back and watch. The sad part, however, about being a spectator of other’s glory is that no matter how many times you see them rise, your position will remain the same.

Appreciate others. but do not let it stop you from progressing yourself.