Living below my potential

Ever wake up and feel like the alarm stole your joy? No reason to wake up in the morning? This is my version of my true story. See, the thing is you get to a point where you ask yourself, is this the life I see myself living for the rest of my life? It is one thing to fool everyone to think you are living your best life, it is another to convince your heart that. A lot of us learn to live in our mediocre lives, because we feel like there is nothing we can do about it. I had reached the level of depression where I knew… Read More

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100 Young Mandelas of the Future!

I  am super grateful to announce to you one of the greatest news ever- I am a young Mandela of the future (More like, present). News24 recognized me alongside other young South Africans for the 100 Young Mandelas of the Future. I am super grateful for the recognition and the love- and the nominations. Here is the link to my profile: https://mandela100.news24.com/media-grid/justice-sambo/.   In 2007, I had a chance to perform a play for Nelson Mandela- as Nelson Mandela. This role shaped me and made me who I am. This recognition goes out to each one of you for holding the dream with me. What does this mean now for me?… Read More

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Never erase my darkest times

I have noted that every time I get introduced, everyone erases all the years I went through depression, they erase all the years of failure in my life. The world needs to hear about how I am not immune failure. This gets people rather thinking that life is an easy road. Making other people feel like they don’t have the abilities and potential to achieve anything.   Over the years, I have learned to be grateful for the times in my life when things were not going according how I wanted them to be- this made me realize that to be in control is not what I really wanted. All… Read More

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Poetry: Phenyo Mabokela

Written: 21 May 2018 By: Mabokela Phenyo My heart needs you desperately, My soul seeks you endlessly, Yet my body refuses to drop to its knees. Spirit lifted, Joy driven, Tears wiped away by your hand on me. Heavy rains I only know the sound of, Storms I never have to fear and lightning I only see Because your hand is constantly over me The sea’s depth is immeasurable and your love goes deeper than it, so let me sink to its bottom and leave my worries by the beach_ Though the pressure may burst my eardrums I would still be glad coz your voice would be the last thing… Read More

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What 2016 taught me

As 2016 comes to an end, there is a lot it has taught us. 2016 to me was mostly about academic work. Doing my third year of Accounting Science at Wits University, this was the toughest year of my life. Above everything, here are my top 5 lessons of 2016:   Persevere  Every student can agree that University life is not as nice as it is perceived, in fact, it can be one of the hardest things you ever do in your life. Following your dreams is not an easy thing to do. Yeah yeah, we all know about the importance of patience, until we are actually in the moment.… Read More

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